Stopping Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft are determined to upgrade all the world to Windows 10. Although we think Windows 10 is a great upgrade from Windows 8, many Windows 7 user are happy to stay where they are.

Microsoft have just moved the Windows 10 into the recommended updates for Windows 7 and 8 and it can be easy to accept the license agreement for Windows 10 and wake up to find your PC as been upgraded to Windows 10. We never recommend turning off automatic updates since its important to keep you PC secure.

In most cases it can be rolled back to Windows 7 but this caused problems for some people.

So how do we stop it. We have 2 main options to stop the Windows 10 upgrade.

1. GWX Control Panel - This is a third party program which you can install and it will disable the Windows 10 upgrade and prompts.

2. The Official Microsoft way

Microsoft have released an official way to stop the upgrade. This involves editing the configuration of your PC which is not ideal for the average PC user. Details can be found here