Why Choose VoIP?

Communication methods have come a long way in the 140 years since the telephone was invented, but picking up the phone remains one of the most effective forms of conversation. So how do you continue to fortify your telecoms for the future? By choosing VoIP over normal telephony you can improve your telephone calls and unlock a range of new services. We’ve put together the top benefits of VoIP to help you decide.

Geographically Neutral

Numbers can be geographically neutral, meaning that you can have any phone number that you like, e.g. a London phone number in a Glasgow base. 

Link Offices

With VoIP you can have extensions spread around the country which, from the outside, appears as one office.

No Expensive Equipment to Install

VoIP does not require expensive equipment to be installed or maintained on site, making it more cost efficient.

Reduced Installation and Running Costs

There are fewer installation, operation and maintenance costs involved as your VoIP service provider hosts your phone system for you. Also, all upgrades are included and are automatically carried out by the host provider.

No Extra Manpower Required

Dedicated personnel to manage the phone system are not required to manage a VoIP system, thus reducing your running costs.

Reduced Risk

VoIP also reduces risk by changing telecommunications expenses from a CAPEX (capital expenditure) model to an OPEX (operating expenditure) model.

Allows for Multiple Sites

VoIP is ideal for businesses with multiple sites as all users are part of the same PBX network, provided broadband is in place. Multiple offices can all be on the same loop and all calls between users are free regardless of their location (including international users) as they are classified as internal calls.

Unlimited Licences

Similarly, VoIP is expandable to an unlimited amount of licences.

Disaster Recovery

In terms of disaster recovery, VoIP services can be directed to mobiles or other landlines upon request.

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