Are you a victim ?

Top 3 breaches
My Space - 359 million accounts
Linked In - 164 million accounts
Adobe - 152 million accounts

A day does not go by when another report of a data breach is reported. If you have an account with one of the companies who have been hacked, it is important that you change your passwords, not just on that site but on all other sites that you have used the same password on.

In many cases the data from the data breaches are dumped on the internet for anyone to access. If like many people you use the same password across many sites, the hackers will use this information from one data breach to access your data on another site.

For instance, you have a Linked Account with the same password as your google email. Now the hackers can access your email. Once in your email this will give them access into all of your digital life

One way to check if your accounts details are freely available on the internet is to use the free web site, Have I been pwned

This site combines all the publicly available data from breaches and allows you to search for your account to see if it’s in the database. Simply enter your account name and it will tell you if you are in the database. If you are in the database, make sure that you update all of the sites on which you use the same password.

Better still, use a password manager like Lastpass to store unique passwords for every site you use.