Will GDPR affect your business?


You may be questioning whether the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes will affect you and your business. Regardless of whether your business employs 2 staff, or thousands of staff, it is likely the change will impact you on 25th May 2018.

Any business who collects, holds or uses citizen’s or staff’s personal information will need to comply with the latest regulation. Breaches will involve substantial fines and can provide individuals with the opportunity to sue you for compensation – both material damage and non-material damage.


What is GDPR?

GDPR is designed to harmonise data privacy laws for UK and Europen citizens and businesses, improve the privacy of citizens, and reform the way businesses approach data privacy. The legalisation will result in fairer treatments for citizens when disclosing their personal data to businesses.

Companies will be accountable for complying legally, transparently and willingly with the legalisation. For a profound number of businesses it will impact day-to-day operations and some businesses will need to implement a new data protection programme to be compliant.

Preparing for GDPR

The regulation has been introduced to enforce companies across EU to up their data protection game. One of the sustainable changes in the legalisation is how and when companies manage an individual’s data. Prior to the legalisation being implemented, individuals were not able to have a say on how their personal data was held, nor have the right to withdraw consent at any given time. The EU has commented on the importance of data for companies, but have realised that there is no equality as authority lies mostly with businesses.


Will GDPR apply to you?

One way of identifying whether GDPR is applicable for your business is to consider how often you deal with personal data from customers, staff, suppliers and previously employees. For instance, if your business handles personal data on a regular basis you should follow GDPR. The Information Commission Office (ICO) has proclaimed if your business is affected by the Data Protection Act (DPA), then it will also be affected by GDPR.


Understanding GDPR will be necessity for the majority of businesses, but having an individual who is responsible for managing the issue safely and securely in your business is another complication. Primarily, the new legalisation will be most problematic to SMEs, as without the right tools smaller businesses with less staff, fewer free time available will be running into trouble. Make sure you do not miss out on planning how your company will put GDPR in place, as research conducted by FireEye’s “Beyond the Bottom Line, The Real Cost of Data Breaches”, found high profile data breaches negatively impact consumer trust in major brands. The number of respondents (76 per cent), who said they are more likely to take their business elsewhere due to negligent data handling practices further, endorses data governance.

‘GDPR seems complicated to implement’

For many businesses a robust and structured plan will need to be implemented to be compliant with EU changes. It may seem a complex task, but if it is carried out efficiently success can happen. Management is key to succeeding with GDPR, as every piece of information will need to be stored securely on a computer, device or third party program.

If the thought of putting in place your own GDPR plan seems a daunting task, Netpoint Solutions is here to help you through the process.

How Netpoint Solutions can help

Netpoint Solutions can help your business in becoming GDPR compliant

Your IT systems only account for around 20% of the GDPR regulations. Unlike many IT companies we are working with Certified GDPR Practitioners to help your business become fully compliant in all aspects of GRPR, not just the IT related areas.

  • Find out what your GDPR requirements and obligations are via a GDPR assessment
  • Cyber Essentials is seen as a minimum requirement for GDPR, we work as standard within the Cyber Essentials framework and can help your company become certified
  • Many businesses require a Data Protection Officer due to the personal data they process. This can be outsourced to our Virtual DPO Service
  • COMING SOON - our 'GDPR Compliance Tool Kit' will help your business implement the policies and procedures to become compliant

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