Engaging in Cloud Computing or Hosted services means that your company will be provided with a private cloud platform, on which all of your company’s data, resources and software are accessible by anyone with admin access in your organisation, from anywhere in the world. 

Cloud Computing is an innovative way to increase capacity and add extra capabilities to your existing businesses machines, without having to invest in new infrastructure, staff or licensing software. It has many benefits including long term cost savings, flexibility for your employees and extra data security. 

Netpoint Solutions offer a series of Cloud Computing services, which can be tailored to specifically fit your business needs:

Office 365
Office 365 is a flexible Cloud solution from Microsoft, which offers storage, web hosting and other valuable features bundled in a subscription based package. Office 365 has:

  • Web based email access and calendars that are kept synchronized
  • Full latest Office packages for your staff
  • Easy to host web pages and sharing of files on the cloud
  • Communication tools such as video calls or online meetings
  • The ability to connect and edit your files from anywhere and on a range of devices

Virtual Offices
Cloud Computing allows you to forget about managing all of your hardware and software – handing the the responsibility to our experienced team instead. Cloud Computing allows a business to set up a ‘virtual office’, leaving you and your staff more time to do the work that you need.

We can provision new servers and services in minutes in the cloud expanding your capacity when required without any capital expenditure.

Flexible Packages
At Netpoint Solutions, we are aware that every business is different and has varied needs depending on its characteristics. All of these packages are flexible, and can be designed to your requirements, meaning that you won't be paying excessive amounts for something you don’t use.

Hosted PBX

Our hosted PBX service allows you to replace your on site PBX system with fully cloud base solution dramatically reducing costs whilst keeping the facilities you are accustomed too with a traditional phone system.

To see whether a Cloud Computing solution will benefit your business, please contact us.