KP Snacks production stopped after ransomware attackProducers of McCoys, Hula Hoops and many other products have had their production grind to a halt after it has been reported they have been hit with a serious ransomware attack. The company stated that in their current state they cannot safely dispatch goods or process any orders until the systems are back online.

It has been made apparent that this breach means KP will not be dispatching any orders for up to 2 weeks and this could last all the way into March, this means that we could see shortages of certain crisps in retailers until production is back to normal.

Seen on the Dark Web by BBC news cyber criminals have posted certain documents from the company branded with their letterhead and have also warned more will be released unless a ransom is paid, the amount of this ransom is currently unclear.

KP have stated that they do have a response prepared for this kind of attack and that they are currently working to get the situation under control, they have also teamed up with a reputable cyber security firm to try and help the situation but progress is currently unclear, the police and other firms have made it very clear to not pay ransoms however a lot of companies do after they are left with no choice. This story is a highlight of the kind of affects we could see on companies with large cyber security attacks, in this case we could see product shortages in shops and supermarkets and it is lucky that this is not an essential item.

Whilst it is unclear just how the attack started this is a stark reminder of how importantly cyber security needs to considered and demonstrates the impossible financial situation an attack of this kind can put on a company, securing your personal life and your business is now more important than ever and these attacks should act as a warning to make sure you lock down your information.

For any help with cyber security and assistance in implementing protection against attacks of this nature please get in touch and start your journey to a more secure world.

Published by Curtis Holt

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