For over 7 years now, Netpoint Solutions has provided our business with tailored ICT support services which are quick, efficient and user-friendly. To be successful in a fast-paced industry like ours, we must have partners who work with structure and a real sense of urgency; Netpoint Solutions have always worked to the very high standards we expect.”
— Kirsty Breaks, Newland Insurance
If you need help with Cyber Security look no further. By using Netpoint Solutions we have been able to implement cohesive Cyber Security policies for our customers to ensure that all the boxes are ticked when it comes to Cyber Essentials. Netpoint Solutions have proved to be reliable, capable & efficient. Their execution and expertise have proved be very effective, helping us and our clients to stay safe online
— Mark Povey, Jack Simons Ltd


a London Based International Language School - Mobile Tender Project

Kaplan is an international language school with complex mobile phone requirements. Their staff travel throughout the world, sometimes at very short notice and it is imperative they have access to reliable mobile devices and connections at all times, without worrying about cost or connectivity issues.

Netpoint Solutions conducted a thorough audit of Kaplan’s mobile telephony, reviewing contracts, devices and data usage. They then used this information to negotiate with Kaplan’s suppliers to obtain the best mobile solutions at highly competitive rates. 

This has resulted in considerable savings for Kaplan, in terms of direct costs and in time saved. In addition to negotiating a new deal Netpoint Solutions will continue to monitor usage and rates to ensure that Kaplan is always on the best tariff throughout the course of their new contract.

The Savings Gained

“Netpoint Solutions were able to realise
savings and benefits that we could not have
hoped to gain without their assistance.
We would definitely recommend them.”
Louisa Pelmont, Contracts and Procurement

→  UK to International Rates reduced by an average of 80%
→  Connection Incentive increased from £37,500.00 to £56,030.00
→  Removal of Remaining Spend Liability (circa £20k)

Additionally, Kaplan now own the devices at the end of the contract
and they have the ability to track marketing changes / reductions
and change tariff without penalty.


a West Yorkshire Based Valve Manufacturer
– Outsourced IT Management

Blackhall design and manufacture valves for a wide range of industrial applications and having reliable IT applications and infrastructure is key to maintaining their competitive advantage. Critical applications for design, finance and MRP are integrated with business intelligence and productivity tools such as SharePoint and Office.

Netpoint solutions has been working with Blackhall since 1999, providing long-term management of their applications and IT infrastructure. Among the services Netpoint Solutions provide are: system and data security; disaster recovery; network infrastructure monitoring and maintenance; web and PC activity monitoring and, where appropriate, application and data migration to cloud-based services - keeping Blackhall at the forefront of technology.

The Savings Gained

→ Reduced IT downtime and abuse has improved employee productivity
→  Email filtering has reduce spam by 80%
→ Improved multilayer security has reduced threats and eradicated breaches

We have been with Netpoint Solutions for over 15 years and they have always provided a level of service that has exceeded our expectations. We rely on their expertise to keep our IT systems running smoothly and I recommend them to any company searching for a reliable IT partner.”
John Lewthwaite, Technical Director