What is a Windows 365 Licence?

You may have heard of Cloud computing, and this is where the latest offering from Microsoft comes into its own. Windows 365 is a new set of software solutions that enable businesses to connect with colleagues, clients, suppliers and customers using Cloud devices anywhere in the world.

This is an update from the Microsoft 365 product, of which there are four licence types available – Basic, Standard, Business Premium (for companies with fewer than 300 users), and Enterprise (for companies with more than 300 users). Prices, of course, vary depending on your requirements.

Why Choose Windows 365 Now?

Why Choose Windows 365 Now?

It is no coincidence that Microsoft have decided to update their offer in August 2021. With most companies emerging from the stagnation of lockdown into a new working world, the new Windows 365 licence allows for greater flexibility, efficiency and productivity. And with many businesses continuing their remote working policies, it can also help to ensure that teams stay connected.

The Windows 365 licence includes Windows 11, providing an array of features designed to improve and streamline the user experience, with convenient access to the Cloud. Its user-friendly appeal also extends to its compatibility, with access from all Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices and the option of steaming to hardware that runs macOS, iPadOS, Linux or Android applications.

What are the Benefits to My Business?

As you would expect from a Microsoft product, the latest Windows 365 licence features a host of useful tools and updated features that will prove beneficial to businesses of any shape and size. It’s no wonder the product is already being hailed as one of the most valuable investments of the year.

Whether you need a quick catch-up with a colleague or an important meeting with clients across the world, the multiple facilities for hosting and joining audio or video calls make communication even easier. The ability to share and edit any Office application, link and update calendars, record and replay sessions, and even add features such as translation and subtitling, further add to its appeal.

Distance and timescales no longer impact on communication and productivity, with shared access available at any time in any location. Not only does this advantage those employees working from home post-pandemic, but companies can also save time and money on the cost of site-based IT.

How Can I Make the Most of My Licence?

How Can I Make the Most of My Licence?

One of the key advantages of the Windows 365 licence is the security features it offers, which can help ease the burden on businesses of managing and maintaining their digital protection. However, just as with other cybersecurity software, knowing how to use and update such features is crucial.

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