What Does Our CIS SecureSuite Membership Mean for Your Business?Government statistics have revealed that four in ten businesses reported cyber security breaches or attacks in the last twelve months. The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021 underlines the ongoing threat to businesses of all kinds and sizes, with phishing topping the list as the most frequent risk.

Many phishing attacks rely on links contained in spam mail that, when clicked, either manipulate users or infiltrate systems, revealing private information or introducing harmful malware into a network. These messages are designed to look believable and are often targeted to expose the most lucrative data, such as financial reports.

Resources to Help your Business Implement Cybersecurity Best Practices

CIS leads a worldwide community of IT professionals, such as ourselves, to continuously develop cybersecurity standards and provides integrated products and services to safeguard the businesses we work with against emerging threats.

Resources to Help your Business Implement Cybersecurity Best PracticesAs a CIS SecureSuite Member, we have access to advanced CIS tools to help audit and secure your business systems. The same tools are used by security consultants around the world to help businesses assess their security posture, develop customised configuration policies and reports, monitor conformance and share this information with auditors and business partners.

According to Senior Manager, Information Security and Compliance: Internal IT International Public Service Information and Communications Technology Agency: “The CIS SecureSuite membership is the most important membership for the compliance reviews of information security available in the market today. It reduces labour cost to develop standards by comparing control effectiveness against CIS Benchmarks.”

Comparing Security Performance Against CIS Benchmarks

CIS Benchmarks are a collection of best practices for securely configuring IT systems, software, networks, and cloud infrastructure.

While the no-cost CIS Benchmarks guidance is extremely valuable, it can be time-consuming and challenging to implement manually. For this reason, the experts at CIS have developed automated tools called Brand Kits that provide members with the option for both a rapid implementation of CIS Benchmark recommendations, as well as the confirmation that the implementation has been performed correctly.

If you don’t have a security team or wish to leverage our experience, you can contact us to work with your team on implementing CIS Benchmarks in your environment.

Netpoint Solutions have over 25 years of experience in the sector and have helped industries across the region to adopt cybersecurity best practises. Find out more about what our CIS SecureSuite membership means for your business by booking your free 30-minute discovery meeting: https://calendly.com/ben-cooper-netpoint/30-minute-business-meeting

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