Disaster Recovery

With an increasing reliance on IT comes a rising threat to business continuity. Inability to recover data, files or emails could mean loss of revenue and, in severe cases, your entire business. A disaster recovery plan is essential to the survival of any business that stores any amount of data.

Every IT expert will tell you that backups are the key to keeping data safe and retrievable in the case of an emergency, especially backups to multiple places. Backing up to a server and the cloud, for example, ensures that you have an emergency data reservoir if either is compromised. The cloud is one of the most effective methods of hosting backups and facilitating recovery. It’s accessibility means that it is capable of producing and recovering backups from anywhere on a variety of devices and its comprehensive security infrastructure keeps valuable data out of the reach of cybercriminals.

But are you adequately testing your backup servers? Despite common threats such as malware, hardware failure, and user error, backup servers are rarely tested, putting businesses at substantial risk in the event of disaster. Fortunately for you and your business, our managed disaster recovery service relieves you of this worry.

Included as standard for all of our managed service packages, our team of certified practitioners will frequently backup, monitor and test your systems to ensure that all of your business data is both secure and immediately accessible. Having this strategic disaster recovery plan in place ensures that the data recovery process is as quick and effortless as possible, which is something that cannot be achieved using a backup server alone.

At Netpoint, we offer a range of products and complete solutions to assist with your disaster recovery strategy. Our solutions are specifically designed to suit every business or budget, from family-owned manufacturing businesses to large professional services firms. We can deliver simple offsite backups of critical data or complete system replication to the cloud. Having identified the biggest threats to your business, we will formulate strategies to minimise the risks and recommend the most appropriate package.

The particulars will vary from one business to another, but at the very least, will always include onsite and offsite backup plans that guarantee data recovery in a worst-case scenario. With every package, we conduct the following:

  • Daily check-ups to ensure that all backups are operating correctly
  • Action taken if any problems occur
  • Regular test restores to ensure the data can be recovered if necessary

Don’t run the risk of losing everything – contact us today to find out more about how backups and strategic disaster recovery plans can help safeguard the data stored by your business.

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