Disaster Recovery

As your reliance on reliable IT increases, so does the threat to your business if things go wrong. Lack of access to data, files or emails could mean loss of revenue and, in severe cases, your whole business. How prepared are you?

Often, businesses aren’t prepared at all. For many, the only time that they test their back-up servers is when they are in the midst of a crisis situation and are attempting to recover their data. However, many businesses find that their back-ups have failed, too. Despite common threats like malware, hardware failure, and user error; many companies do not test their back-ups, even though it’s the only way to be sure your data is safe, and therefore they run the risk of losing everything.

Our managed back-up service takes the worry away. We frequently back-up, monitor and test your systems to ensure that all of your business data is safe. Our Disaster Recovery services are now included as standard in all of our Managed Service packages.

At Netpoint, we offer a range of back-up solutions that will suit any business or budget. We offer simple offsite back-ups of critical data, or complete system replication to the cloud. After analysing your requirements, we will be able to recommend the correct package for your business needs.
Whichever package you choose, we will conduct the following:

  • Daily check-ups to ensure that all back-ups are working correctly
  • Action taken if any problems occur
  • Regular test restores to make sure the data can be recovered if necessary

Do you check your backups?

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