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The Edge is an online platform, designed to streamline workflow, eliminate paperwork, and save time on administrative tasks. The Edge can be used to access company records, fulfil orders and deliveries, and manage customer relationships around the clock.

Customised to the unique requirements of your business, The Edge organises and automates the order process from placement to delivery. It also enables users to find new customers, as well as improve existing customer relationships, owing to its increasingly transparent methods of sharing live data and statistics.

The platform’s key features are complemented by a built-in HR module that enables users to stay on top of absences, holidays, training, and anything else employee-related. This module seamlessly integrates with timesheets which also enables employees to specify how long they have spent on a particular task.

Having all of these solutions in one place allows employees to know exactly where they are, and in turn, allows senior management to keep a better track of what they are doing.

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