If I already have a firewall, anti-virus, and a backup solution, do I really need more?

Last year, that set of solutions likely gave you very solid security. But today, the majority of cyber attacks are sophisticated enough to bypass a business’s basic security precautions.

What worked yesterday will not be enough to protect against today’s threats. Security needs to improve both proactively and reactively to maintain the same standard you’ve come to expect.

And of course, it’s much more budget friendly to solve this issue before it happens, especially knowing that the average breach costs a small business £38,436.

Is this going to be expensive? I’ve never paid extra for security before.

Candidly, there are a lot of IT companies in our area who aren’t recommending security at all. But that’s ignoring the threats around us and is a tremendous disservice to their clients.

Here at Netpoint Solutions we’d rather be up front about the challenges facing us. We’ve worked very hard to find solutions that are budget friendly, especially when you consider the cost of downtime or lost reputation due to a breach. Speaking of which, how long could you survive with no access to data or systems?

I’m a small business owner. Am I really a target?

While you could be an actual target of a cyber attack or a social engineering scheme, it’s more likely that you’ll be swept up in a volume-based attack. To the threat actor, it’s just a numbers game. They know that some people will click a link, or send money to a bogus bank account, etc. So while you may not be targeted explicitly, you’re very much at risk. Plus, small businesses are the victims of the majority of today’s attacks (64%) and that’s because they are under-protected.

Why would a criminal want my data? It’s not that valuable.

First, data is often more valuable than you realise, when sold on the dark web. Would your #1 competitor pay £10,000 for your business plans, acquisition plans, or marketing strategy? Would someone pay for your usernames and passwords, so they can log into your network without your knowledge? Quite possibly.

But in the case of ransomware, the criminal doesn’t want your data. But he knows that YOU value your data and will pay to get it back if he encrypts it. That’s why our solution comes with ransomware protection and a warranty!

I don’t think this would really affect me that much. Couldn’t I just pick up the pieces after an incident happens?

A lot of companies have had that same thought. What they didn’t factor was facing the press and angry clients, lost reputation and lost clients, or the absolute chaos that happens after a breach. They also didn’t factor in losing their valuable files or having to report a breach.

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