Each year, industry experts analyse the latest digital developments and announce the most important updates that every business should invest in. But which ones should your business be paying attention to in 2021?

Advanced Cybersecurity

Advanced Cybersecurity

The increased use of digital technology during consecutive lockdowns has led to a surge in cyberattacks. Between January and April 2020 alone, a 238% increase in attacks on banks was reported along with a 600% rise in threats to cloud servers (Forbes.com, September 21, 2020).

Regardless of whether businesses have returned to the workplace or are continuing with more flexible options for employees, implementing an efficient digital security system is imperative to every organisation. If you have yet to review your cybersecurity levels, this must be prioritised, and even if you have improved on existing measures, they need to be monitored and updated regularly.

Cyberattacks against businesses continue to make the news headlines, keeping the issue under the spotlight. While concern remains high, the proliferation of high-profile companies being target has also increased awareness, with more options available to support cybersecurity in the workplace.

Up-to-Date Devices

Up-to-Date Devices

From the announcement by Google that Chrome will prevent third-party cookies from next year to enhanced security options on newly purchased hardware, employers can now implement better strategies, better systems, and better future-planning methods to ensure companies are safe.

Employees are also learning how they can contribute towards improved security, particularly when it comes to the use of devices. As restrictions ease and staff begin using phones and laptops away from the office or their homes, investing in new devices will help to ensure data and systems are secure.

Even if you have returned to a regular place of work, checking and replacing company hardware and software should be an important part of your business forward plan. Not only will this contribute to reducing the risk of cyberattacks, but it will also improve efficiency, productivity and reliability.

Cloud Computing

Attacks on cloud networks have increased for a reason, namely because they have become one of the most effective and beneficial digital developments for businesses over the past few years. With workforces now more separate than ever, cloud computing can keep companies working as one.

For those reluctant to see cloud computing as a replacement to more traditional methods, many industries are now favouring a hybrid approach that combines the best of existing business practice with the technological advantages of digital systems in order to future-proof their workforces.

Investing in cloud computing is not about implementing a completely different scheme of working; instead, it can be integrated into the current company processes to aid communication, improve connectivity, and contribute to a proactive approach towards security, privacy and compliance.

Support for Your Business

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