As an ambitious events company, the client relied on a proficient and fast-paced procurement and tender process for much of its day-to-day business.

However, an assessment of its cyber security measures demonstrated key failings in their existing setup, putting the company and their customers at risk. In addition, Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation had become an essential pre-requisite for them in order to comply with tendering requirements.


Like many businesses, the client was unfamiliar with cyber security and its importance, with limited knowledge of how to effectively control potential threats and manage the risk within the business. Though they had some security in place, the company were not confident of its purpose or efficiency, leaving the business open to attacks as well as failing to meet the necessary accreditation status.

This therefore became a high-priority project for Netpoint Solutions, demanding immediate attention in order to rectify the inadequate system and attain the required Cyber Essentials Plus endorsement.

How Our Product Helped

The first part of the process for our team was to liaise with the incumbent provider, to complete a Network Security Audit, and to perform Vulnerability and Dark Web scans, all of which helped us to determine the current security levels of the network and systems in place.

Netpoint Solutions quickly established a gap analysis, detailing in very simple terms what was in place and what needed to be done to achieve compliancy and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation. Our knowledgeable experts then began to remedy the situation by improving and fortifying all the relevant cyber security systems, working well within the requisite timescales.


Following the timely and thorough intervention of our IT engineers, we were able to ensure the client achieved Cyber Essentials Plus status. Thanks to the instigation of a more reliable and resilient cyber security system, including free cyber insurance, as one of the many benefits of CE Plus accreditation. We were also able to give the company long-term peace of mind so that they could continue their business with even greater efficiency.

Due to this success, Netpoint Solutions now have the necessary operational and technical measures in place, with a detailed understanding of their importance and why they are so critical. Our newfound and robust cyber security positioning has enabled us to tender for larger and more prestigious projects so we can continue to support companies with their cyber security needs.

“I was so overwhelmed by it all and didn’t know where to start. I spoke with an associate and he recommended that I speak to Netpoint Solutions because they’re IT security experts – it’s the best advice I’ve received for a long time. They have taken away all of the pain and worry, so I can now get on with my job.”

AF – Managing Director

AF – Managing Director, Events Company
“The service received from Netpoint Solutions has been first class. Due to the time-sensitive nature of this project, we needed it ‘doing yesterday’, but Netpoint were not put off and just got it done in double-quick time – very impressed and happy.”

JC – Operations Director

JC – Operations Director, Events Company

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