Netpoint Solutions were approached to help a leading manufacturing company to identify a new ERP system that would complement their existing business practices and ongoing future vision.

It was crucial that the solution contribute towards improving the company’s on time production rate from 32% and to also increase their customer satisfaction rate from 45%.


The company were, in their own words, ‘doing what we’ve always done’ and failing to understand why they were stagnating and had ‘hit the ceiling’. Like many companies, they were apprehensive about potential downtime during the implementation of a new system and its impact on productivity.

Excel spreadsheets were used for customer relationship management but frequently proved to be inadequate for the desired reliability, adaptability, and security required by such a system. Reporting was sporadic and unreliable, which did not allow for full visibility of the business. The multiple existing systems already in place were incompatible, unable to ‘talk to each other’ and work collaboratively to contribute to the wider business objectives.

How Our Product Helped

Netpoint Solutions took the time to get to know the company inside and out, forming a detailed understand of their business objectives, KPIs and existing pain-points before identifying, implementing and customising the new system tailored specifically to their needs. This included working alongside the current systems to minimise downtime and migrate all existing data securely and accurately.


Return on Investment has proved extremely positive for the company, with on time in full now consistently at a level of 92% or higher, and customer satisfaction rates at 100% following system implementation. The company now has full visibility of the business using real time data, resulting in the confidence and clarity to enact their most ambitious forecasting and business vision for the future.

“When the time came to upgrade our IT system, we turned to Netpoint for their advice and recommendations, as our trusted partners. They identified a solution that fits our business, project managed the implementation – on time and within budget. We are thrilled with the results.”

PV – Purchasing Director

PV - Purchasing Director, Manufacturing Company

“The return on investment has been incredible, way beyond anything we were hoping for – we have experienced our best year for turnover and growth in the last 10 years’. The knowledge that Netpoint have of our industry is very reassuring.”

JB – Managing Director

JB – Managing Director, Manufacturing Company

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