An independent specialist distributor of building materials approached Netpoint Solutions to develop their IT systems to support accelerating business growth.

Supplying to private and commercial developers, builders, architects and contractors, the company reported that productivity was at an all-time low and members of the team were frustrated and lacked motivation. Fully integrated systems and staff training led to improved efficiency and a happier workforce.


Within its strategic priorities, the company set the objective of improving operational performance, delivering value to customers and increasing employee productivity. To achieve this, the company’s key IT services needed to be thoroughly reviewed.

One of the main concerns with the existing setup was that employees were having to duplicate data input onto multiple systems, resulting in huge amounts of time wasted, reduced productivity and a lack of morale among the team.

How Our Product Helped

Netpoint Solutions spent time talking with the business in order to fully understand their objectives, KPIs and existing pain points before suggesting the most appropriate solution. Our team developed bespoke plug-in software to integrate internal systems and get them talking to each other.

Training was also provided to employees to increase their confidence on the systems. The combined result was a reduction in workload, allowing members of the team to focus their efforts elsewhere and to feel more motivated.


With the improved systems in place, productivity increased by more than 150%. The team reported feeling happier and more capable, flourishing in their roles with a greater ability to contribute towards business growth and shared goals.

The company were given a clear structure for their internal processes and procedures, with a company-wide understanding of their function and purpose, enabling the business to achieve
their objectives.

“We had become very frustrated with our internal systems and the IT setup, mostly because we didn’t really understand it and why it had become so disjointed. Netpoint Solutions were recommended to us by one of our trusted partners and we have never looked back.”

CL – Director

CL - Director, Distribution Company

“One of the most important things for me is that Netpoint Solutions just seem to get what we do and understand how to help us to achieve our business objectives – I guess that’s what in excess of 25 years’ experience in our industry gives you.”

AS – Company Secretary

AS – Company Secretary, Distribution Company

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